Funny stuff

1)We were NOT LOST last night on our way to Children’s Hospital at Egleston to visit a family with a sick baby.  We have always wanted to roam the North Druid Hills area.  Soooo, when we finally pulled into the parking deck (an hour after we left home) and the car stopped, Josh said, “OK, we are here.”  Molly said, “Are you SURE we are here, Daddy???”  

2)Molly wanted to play ball with Josh.  She said, “Let’s play back and forth and back and forth. You can be back, and I will be forth.”

3)About six months ago we lost our remote control.  We searched this place up and down, but could not find it.  My dad has even visited during this time, and he LOVES  a remote, so he helped look for it, but still no remote.  I even caved and bought a cheap universal remote in the check-out line at Wal-mart…I didn’t know how many more times I could go on the hunt when Josh would say, “Have we checked _______?”  Or when he would say, “We have GOT  to get more strict with these kids.”  It seemed that all of our bad parenting led to them misplacing the remote.  ANYWAY, one Saturday afternoon, Josh had a thought that maybe the remote was in the brown couch.  We had looked and felt in the sides of the couch, but we hadn’t taken it apart…it was just a remote…but this was a desperate moment, and look at what he found!!!


It's a miracle!!!!
It's a miracle!!!!

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