Three in one day?

Yes.  Three entries in one day.  It is January.  It is cold. I have settled the fact that I cannot clean while they are awake and moving around.  It is too much trouble to get out with three kids in the cold, so I have chosen to stay home most of this week.  Josh has been busy lately.  I mean, he is here, but his mind is on a lot of other things in the evenings.  I can respect that…work (in a bad economy and such), building a home for the first time ( I totally get that), and three little ones that want/need/get his attention in the evenings ( I love that.), a Sunday School lesson to prepare for and people in our class that need an ear from time to time (love that, too). Plus, I have been getting up before everyone to have my quiet time, drink some coffee and enjoy some worship music; I am not having to figure how to fit it into the day when everyone is awake.  It has been a great week spiritually speaking, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that I can sometimes feel a bit like a loon when I have been on “stay-at-home-mom island.”  This (blog world) is somehow a connection to the adult world, though I haven’t quite figured out why that is…ANYHOW, so I am entering on my blog AGAIN.  And this is so not important, but I will continue.

I have heard that a good pair of jeans can change your life.  I hate jeans.  I do.  I wear them, but I hate them.  The only thing I hate worse than wearing them is shopping for them.  At AnnTaylor Loft I can wear the Julie style for “curvy” figures (a round tail and smaller waist).  They cost about $50 or $60.  Not bad, could be better….that is what I have thought in the past.  After looking on line at some of the suggested brands of jeans, I am thinking that AnnTaylor Loft is just giving these jeans away.  True Religion?  Ever heard of them?  $329!!!!  HUH?  Yep.  Seven?  Heard of them?  $249!  Shut-up.  I am serious.  Now, I did run across a pair of Seven jeans at Stein-Mart for $34.99, and I bought them a while back….I had no idea what sort of deal this was.  So, I am sort of at this weird place.  I want to try these jeans on to see if they are really worth it.  I mean, if they actually fit me and look good, well, they might be worth spending the money and wearing them for the rest of my life…but could I actually spend that much money on something to wear?  One item to wear?  Will it change my life or just my bank account?  Things that make you go hmmmmmmm……..2406_side_winder_b_thumb

2 thoughts on “Three in one day?

  1. We must be reading the same blog… I just about wet my pants when I saw how much they were! I don’t think I would feel right spending that much even if they completely transformed my body 🙂 I have heard that you can sometimes find them at a steal at Nordstrom’s (off the rack?) How far are you from the Mall of Georgia? We need to get together sometime soon!!

  2. You know how it always went…
    my fat is hanging over the top of mine and you need your’s cinched up with a belt:) nothing has changed except the prices.

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