Finally, a warm day!

It has been miserably cold lately.  We have been inside a lot. Not to mention, Ruby got a bad cold last week, then I got it, then Molly, and I think Mack may be getting pink eye.  Lovely week, I tell you.  BUT, the good part is that we got to go outside today and play in the backyard.  It felt wonderful out there.  Molly saw a pair of flip-flops out on the back porch, and she told me she wanted her brown flip-flops.  I told her she has out grown them, but that we would get her more when it was time.  She said, “Next week?”  I told her it was still January in Georgia…it could be snowing or it could be 70 degrees…you just never know.  SO, then she said she wanted a pair for Valentines Day that were pink with red hearts on them.  Hmmm…that will be a fun treasure hunt.  We’ll see…..

Last night I got to go to our monthly Ladies Bible Study, and Josh got to stay with the kids.  Ruby was at the dinner table finishing up, Molly had already eaten a little and then went to lay down because she didn’t feel good.  Ruby knocked her drink over (something that happens at least once a day around here, but it is usually Molly).  Josh told her it was ok, it was just an accident.  Well, Ruby takes it upon herself to go over to Molly and say something like, “Molly, you have got to stop spilling your drink because you are starting to make me spill my drink.”  Oh my goodness!  Can you believe that?  Poor Molly—not even sitting at the table—perfectly innocent for this time, yet Ruby tries to blame her spill on Molly.  

We are getting ready for a low-key weekend, I hope.  I have given Josh orders to not come home unless he has ear plugs and a truck load of Tylenol PM or NyQuil….I have GOT to get some sleep.  We get our carpets cleaned tomorrow, outside pressure-washed on Monday….well on our way to getting this house on the market!  

Happy Friday.

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