The True Meaning of Christmas

dsc_0125   This morning we went to Wal-Mart to get some toys for some families that aren’t able to provide Christmas for their kids.  Wal-Mart is always an adventure with three kids, but today was even more exciting.  Ruby really seemed to help me pick out the right toys and in a timely fashion!  Molly was a bit thrown off because we went too early for the slushee store to be open, and she was quite disappointed.  Anyway, we got the gifts and came home.  After getting the little ones into their beds for a nap, Ruby and I got to work wrapping presents.  She got super-excited and said, “Mama, let’s get my card so that the kids will know what the true meaning of Christmas is!!!!”  She was even upset because she didn’t have more cards just like that one to put on all the gifts…”How will they know what the true meaning of Christmas is if they don’t have a card, too???”  Thankfully, I picked up a book about Jesus for each family, so that made Ruby feel better.  The card shows kids looking at baby Jesus being held by Mary.  It came on a gift from their Aunt Pep and Uncle Jerry last night.  When Ruby saw it, her first response (unprompted by anyone), was, “Look, Mom, I got a TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS card.”  It was so great to hear her say that!!!!  What a great way to start off this most incredible week!  I am so proud of her and am praying that the Lord will work in her heart and draw Ruby to Himself.  

I have so many other stories to tell from our trip to see our Augusta family, but I just don’t have time to expand right now.  Maybe later…..

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