Molly’s grad party and ceremony

To be transparent, I’m going back to post some stuff from Molly’s graduation. It was a whirlwind, but I still want to document it here.

The night before we had the Baccalaureate Dinner that is so sweet!

Molly had just gotten home from Disney. She actually had a slight case of walking pneumonia but we didn’t know it. She sang a song and did great. She sat back down to eat her dinner—she waited til after the song and was super hungry. The Head of School began presenting the Dr. Poplin Bible Award and the more he talked, the more I began to realize this award was going to Molly. I elbowed her and told her to put her fork down and wipe the rice off her fingers because she was being summoned back to the stage!! A big honor!

And the weekend before all of this fun was a graduation party!

It was a great party full of wonderful friends and family. Molly also had her last morning of being a part of the worship team at First Baptist Charlotte .

What a great senior year Molly had! She was able to help lead worship weekly in chapel. She won Homecoming Queen and Prom Queen. She won some very special awards. But more than any and all of that, Molly loved people. She brought joy to every room she entered. She is a light for Jesus, and we are so proud of her for making much of Jesus and relying on Him. She’s off to spend her summer with PawPaw and intern at his church. More updates to come, but so far things are going well. She’s meeting lots of new people and already learning a lot and making fun memories with PawPaw. We will see her halfway through her time there, and I’m already looking forward to that!

June 10th 2000

23 years ago Josh chose me. And I chose him back. He’s such a gift to me. He loves me so well and shows me the love of Christ daily. So today I thank the Lord for our sweet engagement day. 🥰

Mack Attack

I need to post an acknowledgment of Mack Joshua. He finished tenth grade. There were some highs and lows this year, but overall the switch to this new school is good for him. Here is a first day vs last day pic. Lots of growth in his sophomore year.

Molly’s Graduation Party

Ya know, I’ve never thrown a party at 10am but that’s what we did for Molly and her friend, Raina. And it worked out just beautifully!

So many friends and teachers came to celebrate with us.

The next morning Molly got to help lead worship and then they prayed over her—she leaves for a summer internship at PawPaw’s church in South Georgia. It was a sweet time.

We took her to the airport after church and now Molly is at Disney with the seniors….graduation is Friday!👩🏻‍🎓

Beach and Awards

Moms don’t get Awards Day so I awarded myself a beach trip. With Ruby who needed an award for completing her first year of college so well! And Molly had an actual awards ceremony at school this morning. Here are the photos—-maybe more words can accompany these memories when this crazy May settles down some. I definitely have words in my heart for all of it.

Ruby and I enjoyed our time away. I love the sun and the beach is just gorgeous and peaceful. I started the morning alone with coffee and my Bible. I went on a long Beach walk every morning and missed Josh on those but spent so much time in prayer. Just talking to the Lord and listening to His voice. I was reminded how He works wonders in people’s lives. Wonders—things that make you wonder how in the world something happened—only God is the answer. So while I wish I didn’t have so much on my mind and feel the need to get home to my to do list, I still enjoyed a break from the regular routine of life.

And I made it home early to see Molly receive the Ignite Band Award, the Christian Leadership award and to be recognized for art, leadership and Christian service. Proud Mom and Dad.

It’s May.

I woke up pretty early this morning because I had to take Mack to school and drop my car off to be serviced and get to the gym.

I sat down, coffee in hand, and opened my journal. I love a fresh start, so May 1st falling on a Monday was energizing to me. However, without being fully awake, I circled May 20 at the top of my journal.

It took me only half a second to realize what I had done and scratch it out, but what I had done stopped me in my tracks. May 20th is the date that sticks out to me this month. It’s the date my mom died by suicide.

To be honest, I don’t have time to wallow in sorrow or even to reflect all that much. May is filled with moving Ruby home from college, Senior Sunday for Molly, Senior chapel, Mother’s Day, a beach trip for Ruby and me, Molly’s graduation party on the 20th, Mack gets his braces off, they have exams and last day of school and senior trip and Ruby’s 19th birthday and a family trip, and much more!

But I also know I must make some time for reflection, some time to check in on my heart, check on my dad and sisters and just be sad for all we lost that day. For all the memories we haven’t made with her these last four years. For my kids to grow up without grandmothers (Josh’s mom passed away in 2012) makes me sad. Grandmothers are just the best. They think you’re awesome all the time. And they have the best stories about your parents.

So as I closed out my time with the Lord, I reflected on one of my favorite verses these days—Psalm 143:8 “Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love for I have put my trust in You. Show me the way I should go, for to You I entrust my life.”

I love that last line, and I’ve rolled it around in my mind and my prayers lately. There are parts of our current circumstances that I don’t like one bit. Yet, this is where God has me today. These are the things I face and the people I’m to interact with these days. At the moment, there’s no escape. I can’t speed up this season to see what the results are. I have to walk through it moment by moment, entrusting my life to the only trustworthy, perfect, all-good, sovereign Savior. He loves me unfailingly. I can trust Him with my life—the salvation of my life and all the nitty-gritty-in-between stuff, too. Today, May 20, and every single day to come.

Senior Walk!

Molly’s Senior year has flown by. Seriously, where did the time go?!?! Molly would not agree; she can’t wait to be free of high school. And yes, she is in her socks and walked all through the school shoeless. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea.

Josh finally got to come to chapel today. Molly always does a good job leading in there. I’m so grateful all four years she was able to learn and grow in this area

The next five weeks or so are going to be full! Prom, exams, college to do list, baccalaureate, graduation, and a trip to Tennessee!! I hope I hang on to my sanity. 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣👩🏻‍🎓🎉😊😭🥹

Easter 2023

We had a lovely Easter!! Such a great church service reflecting on Christ’s death and resurrection and why we can be confident in the statement—Jesus is Alive! Then, we had one of our favorite families over. They are ones we met early in our days here as we home schooled and were trying to figure out life in Charlotte. Let’s be honest though, I am still trying to figure it out. Sara became such a dear friend and is someone so easy to be around. It was great to be with friends who feel like family on this special day. And our oldest kids go to Liberty together now! So fun.

Do I have at least ten dress options? Yes I do. Was it super cold on Easter this year? Yes it was! So hot pink cargo pants and a sweater it had to be. 🤣

Now Mack is sleeping off a deviled egg hangover (he must have had a dozen!), and I am resting with Rolo who nearly lost her mind licking the Boston butt crumbs off of a plate just now.

Happy Easter! Jesus is indeed alive.


I was given restrictions on how much posting to do about Mack turning 16. For now, I’ll just say we love Mack. Thankful for his life. Happy 16th birthday, Mack Joshua!

Adding hibachi dinner to celebrate Mack—