Back to life, Back to reality

Josh and I had such a fun time at the Sunday School Class Marriage Retreat at the Brasstown Valley Resort.  It was a nice resort.  The room we had was very cute, clean and up-to-date.  We left around noon on Friday and made our way to a BBQ restaurant.  It was in the middle of nowhere.  Don’t ask me how my husband knows about every country cookin’ cafe or Meat & Three, but he does!  This place was really good.  It was awesome to eat alone.  Josh ordered BBQ and got some fries, too.  These were no ordinary fries…they were like FAIR FRIES.  Oh, yummy.  I was already starting to reach over to grab a fry when Josh said, “Let’s pray…”  He thought I was going over to hold his hand, but I was going to steal a fry.  Once I realized how wonderful they were, I got a couple more.  Josh asked, “Do you want me to order you a side of fries?”  Code for, “Keep your hands off of my fries.  I will get you your own.”  Josh has never been one for sharing food.  He just doesn’t go for that.  

I thought of Molly while we were eating because there was a stuffed Aunt Jemima standing at the door with tootsie rolls for the taking.  Molly would have instantly been best friends with little Miss Aunt Jemima.  The child loves Tootsie Rolls.  She also asks me, “What are those round tootsie rolls called that I love?”  MILK DUDS.   I haven’t taken my children to the dentist yet…I know, a great mom…but I am sure Molly will have many issues.

ANYWAY, I enjoyed the massage.  The facial is another story.  The description of the facial did mention microdermabrasion…..but, ummmm….I didn’t realize it would hurt.  It burned and tingled and just didn’t feel great and relaxing.  I could just see me walking into dinner with all of our friends with a bright red face. (though at this point many had seen me “drunk” from my massage and walking around in a robe all afternoon, so what’s the big deal about a red face?!) Thankfully, it all calmed down by the time we went to dinner AND the wrinkles on my forehead were not quite as deep as they normally are.  

The speakers did a good job.  We talked about self-care—giving yourself and your mate permission to do stuff  they like to do.  I know it is difficult for me to leave in the evenings to do something alone or with girls because I know Josh has been working all day, too, and I like when we are all together as a family.  BUT, it is important to get out of the house and laugh with friends or read a book at Starbucks or go for a walk.  Josh loves movies (me-not so much), so I want to try and encourage him to go to the movies with his brother or other friends when he sees one coming out that he likes.  

We also talked about taking care of your mate…we discussed the love languages…and we got some time to pray together.  It was a good time.  I know there are several things I want to do to try and take care of our marriage.  

I did HORRIBLE on my eating.  I ate the whole bag of Jelly Bellys that my friend Cindy left in the room for me.  Not to mention the 20 starburst I ate during the sessions….ugh…but today is a new day to a new week, and I WILL DO BETTER.  🙂

The kids had a blast with their friends at the house the whole time we were gone.  I am so glad that they enjoyed themselves.  I am also appreciative of great, godly friends you can trust…even if poison control is called…it’s all good!  (love you Mandy!)

But, in reference to the title of this entry, we are back to reality.  Sunday was a busy day, full of fellowship, an awesome Word from our Pastor, lunch with friends, a trip to look at a used car (more to come on this, I promise!), a short nap, and then back to church last night….and this morning Ruby woke up with a fever.  Poor thing.  She only takes Motrin Berry flavor medicine.  I tried to give her Tylenol, and she sipped it for about an hour…all 0.8+0.8 mL of it.  Josh came home, forgetting the medicine I asked him to pick up, so he took Molly back out with him.  She wanted to get Ruby a card to help her feel better.  She came in, took the card to Ruby and said, “Ruby, I love you and I hope you feel better.”  It was sooooo sweet.  Ruby seemed to feel better after that, before the medicine had time to kick in.  Amazing how a timely word can really help your spirits.  Ruby told me today that “Molly is my best sister.”  This was after Molly had brought her some water.  Molly has definitely been a caring little girl today.  We hope Ruby feels better tomorrow.



MOLLY AND RUBY--living the good life
MOLLY AND RUBY--living the good life

As I mentioned before, we are not royalty–just in case anyone was still unsure about that.  BUT, I decided to bring breakfast up to the girls this morning.  They both came in around 6:30am, and I let them sleep in my place while I went downstairs to enjoy some coffee and The Word in the quietness that is extremely rare around here…but OH so nice…and I am feeling quite giddy at the thought of tomorrow.  Josh and I are leaving tomorrow for 24 hours away for a Marriage Retreat with our Sunday School class.   I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!  Why would I be so excited you might ask?  I can’t figure out if it because I will get alone time with Josh (I am trying to figure out how to discreetly throw his cell phone out the window–any suggestions?) or maybe it is the facial AND a swedish massage (not sure what the swedish part has to do with it, but I don’t care) or if it is the luxury of eating and only feeding myself (I hope Josh will excuse me if I try to stick some mac-n-cheese in his mouth or ask him to say “AHHHH” so that the food will get all the way in his mouth) or hanging out and actually having conversations with so many sweet friends the Lord has blessed us with….and in all this fun, I am praying the Lord will meet us where we are in our marriages and give us glimpses of where He wants us to be in them…I have been praying specifically that Josh and I will reflect Christ and the Church to our kids, to our friends and to strangers more effectively….

Gotta say a special thank you to Mary (and Ben and Katherine) and the Baker family for watching our three munchkins.  It is so easy to leave when you know such wonderful people are taking care of your kids.  Y’all are the best!!!  And just ignore the girls if they ask to eat their breakfast in bed!  Ha.

Pictures for Sweetie and Gran and the PawPaws

I need to add some pictures for the grandparents.  I haven’t been taking as many pictures as I probably should these past few weeks.  I think I am just cold all the time, so my brain isn’t quite working right.  I don’t see how people live up north.  I am near miserable just walking into the garage for two seconds to put our recyclables in their bucket.  OK, so that is an exaggeration, but I am REALLY cold when I walk out there.  And it stays pretty cold in our house.  The stairwell is the warmest place in the house, but it is not very comfortable to hang out on the stairs all day…and can be downright dangerous with Mack around.  So we just stay cold.  ( I can hear my dad say, “You think it’s cold in here?  Just step outside and you’ll know cold.”)  Ha.


Ruby and Mack chillin' out together
Ruby and Mack chillin' out together

So, in keeping with the “freezing cold” conversation, here is what the kids have been doing a lot of…not really laying around, but just being in the house.  Mack loves the remote and does his best to hang on to it once he gets it in his hands.  That is, unless Josh is around.  He gladly takes it straight to him.  What is that about???  He will even take it out of my hand (the TWO times I have ever held it) to give it to Josh.  How do they already know that men hog the remote?  Craziest thing I’ve ever seen.


Molly slobbering during her "rest time"
Molly slobbering during her "rest time"

We went to my room mate in college, Paige’s, little girl’s birthday party.  It was in Dallas, GA.  The kids had fun feeding the geese.  Molly made her way to the cake that was intended for Ila Belle to dig into…but as soon as Molly saw another girl stick her fingers into the cake, she was quick to join in on the fun.


Ruby throwing food to the geese
Ruby throwing food to the geese


Me and Mack--he's drunk from all the diet coke he drank!
Me and Mack--he's drunk from all the diet coke he drank!


Molly is the one in the striped shirt on the left...sneaking the cake
Molly is the one in the striped shirt on the left...sneaking the cake

Valentine’s Day is on it’s way!

I love Valentine’s Day!  It is my favorite holiday…a fact that Josh thinks is hilarious.  I don’t know if it was all the heart shaped boxes of chocolate I got growing up or the heart shaped lipstick that I remember to this day.  My mom was always so great at making my dad look good to us on Valentine’s Day.  She bought us cute gifts and gave my Dad all the credit.  What a good mom.  I hope I can do that for my girls, too….and I hope Josh will be a part of the fun as well, as I am sure my dad was at some level.  🙂  Anyway, you hear a lot of talk about V-day being just another way to get people to spend money.  I disagree.  I mean, it could be that if you want it to be, but I view it as a chance to show you love someone in a creative way.  No doubt life is busy, and we don’t always show our love in neat ways or sometimes even at all.  So I want to take this day as an opportunity to DO something for those I live with to let them know that I love them.  

Today I was playing dollhouse with Ruby.  She had me being a man that was a delivery person, and she was the mommy and the three children inside the house.  The delivery man (me) said, “HI.  I have a special delivery for the mom of the house–a dozen roses and a box of chocolates.”  The mom (Ruby) paused for a second and then said, “Don’t you think the chocolates are for my kids?”  I think she didn’t want the kids to be left out….meaning, she doesn’t want to be left out on Valentine’s Day!….especially when it comes to chocolate!  I thought it was cute.  

Tonight at church we talked to the children about who their #1 Valentine should be….not mom or dad, though they love us a ton.  Not our brothers and sisters or friends, even though they love us a lot, too.  BUT, we have a God who sent Jesus to live on earth and then die on the cross for our sins and be raised from the dead.  I want to learn to think this way and act on this thought, that Jesus showed the ultimate love for me by dying for me.  Wow.  

“For God so LOVED the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16

Have fun thinking about how you are going to creatively show your love this V-Day!


I thought I end this with a picture of a chunky monkey that I will be loving on this gotta love those rolls.
I thought I end this with a picture of a chunky monkey that I will be loving on this gotta love those rolls.


A couple of years ago....all dressed up

Evidentally, my munchkins were born in the wrong family.  Josh and I clearly aren’t royalty.  However, these are some little comments I have heard in recent days.

Ruby: (in a sweet soft voice as Josh is fluffing her pillows and tucking her in) “Daddy, remember that I want breakfast in my bed in the morning.”

On another occasion, I walked in the kitchen and Molly said, “Hey, Mama, my feet are cold.  Could you warm them with your hands?”

And Mack, the little booger, takes a bite of food, then pulls my arm down to provide a soft place for him to lay his head while he eats!  I would take a picture of this, but I haven’t figured out how to get the camera and snap the photo without causing the little prince to have to eat holding his own head up.  

I could add a few comments about some things that Josh does that could suggest he thinks we live in some sort of royal palace, but we have a marriage retreat this weekend, and I would hate to start things off that way!  Ha!  I am TOTALLY KIDDING.  It is my joy to serve my husband in many diverse ways, and I am sure I could do a lot better at it.  (He scheduled me a facial and massage for the weekend, so I better stop right now and go get dinner fixed before I get myself in trouble!)  Ta-ta! 

Me at 20.

I was reading a blog of someone I don’t know…this happens often.  I read my friend’s blogs and love, love keeping up with all the fun that they are having. In recent days I have stumbled upon some new blogs, and  I laugh out loud at their hilarious stories.  In the blog I was reading today a lady challenged us to write a letter to our 20 year old selves.  I thought I would take the challenge:

Dear, sweet little selfish Kristy,

Please take no offense to the greeting.  It’s me, YOU, writing to you.  Only YOU are 12 years down the road.  I can see so many things much more clearly than you.  Let me take the liberty to help you out some…

1- You need to call your mom AND dad more.  You have no idea all that they have done for you and are doing for you while you are away at college.  Call them more.  Talk to them about your life.  It’s good for you.  It’s good for them.  And your sisters, too.  They are FAMILY…think of others.

2- Guys are not as important as you think.  You do a lot of things for the attention of others.  While I am so glad you do have your quiet time and that you are journaling about all the Lord is teaching you, this guy-thing sort of sends you off the best path.  You’ll meet a handsome, godly young man very soon.  You’ll be so glad you didn’t embarrass yourself with being attracted to LOSERS.  Yes, they are LOSERS. Yeah, he can dance, SO WHAT?  L-O-S-E-R.  By the way, did you know you love red heads?  Yep.

3- OH, would you please stop fretting over your body????  It is a great body.  Trust me on this.  You will one day have three kids in less than three years.  I did not know that was possible either, but it is.  Your butt does not look big in those jeans.  Wear them proudly.  You. are. not. fat. ‘kay?

4- Love the skin you’re in.  Wrinkles do come.  Crows feet are FOR REAL.  And laugh lines are not funny.  That’s all I’m saying about that.

5- Hug Paige.  She saved you big time.  Even though she distracted you from studying by playing some sort of hide and seek game while driving a car, calling you to see her scared of a dog in the parking lot,tempted you to sleep in since she signed up for late classes, and clipped her big toenail and let it fly right between your eyes…the girl is honest.  She shoots it straight, and you need her—in your life now and in your life later.  Go hug her.  Oh, and it is so good that you girls don’t borrow clothes.  And just for fun, let her go get your shiny blue shirt back from that short, softball playing blonde chick….let her.

6- Follow hard after the Lord.  Really hard.  He has so much in store for you, and you need Him more than you can possibly know.  Get up early, be still, worship Him wholeheartedly, keep up your scripture memory box…you’ll kick yourself for forgetting all of those verses!!!!, and pray for your lost friends.  You should brush up on your witnessing “skills” for Asa.  You’ll never see her after Middle…or a lot of other folks.

7- Lastly, but possibly the most important (not really), GET YOUR EYEBROWS SHAPED BY A PROFESSIONAL.  And don’t keep listening to your mom and her comment about Brooke Shields…go now, my bushy-eyebrowed friend.

Enjoy your college days and pre-kids days.  Sleep until 11:00 and don’t feel guilty or lazy.  You will make up for all your “extra” sleep.  And just skip the breastfeeding class and don’t buy that silly bra.  You won’t need it and YOU AND YOUR KIDS WILL BE FINE, MORE THAN FINE.  Oh, there is so much more, but wasn’t this fun?  I hope I didn’t scare you…I hope it helps you to live the good life through your twenties.  Thirties arrive quick and sort of fierce, I must say.

Love you,


Three in one day?

Yes.  Three entries in one day.  It is January.  It is cold. I have settled the fact that I cannot clean while they are awake and moving around.  It is too much trouble to get out with three kids in the cold, so I have chosen to stay home most of this week.  Josh has been busy lately.  I mean, he is here, but his mind is on a lot of other things in the evenings.  I can respect that…work (in a bad economy and such), building a home for the first time ( I totally get that), and three little ones that want/need/get his attention in the evenings ( I love that.), a Sunday School lesson to prepare for and people in our class that need an ear from time to time (love that, too). Plus, I have been getting up before everyone to have my quiet time, drink some coffee and enjoy some worship music; I am not having to figure how to fit it into the day when everyone is awake.  It has been a great week spiritually speaking, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that I can sometimes feel a bit like a loon when I have been on “stay-at-home-mom island.”  This (blog world) is somehow a connection to the adult world, though I haven’t quite figured out why that is…ANYHOW, so I am entering on my blog AGAIN.  And this is so not important, but I will continue.

I have heard that a good pair of jeans can change your life.  I hate jeans.  I do.  I wear them, but I hate them.  The only thing I hate worse than wearing them is shopping for them.  At AnnTaylor Loft I can wear the Julie style for “curvy” figures (a round tail and smaller waist).  They cost about $50 or $60.  Not bad, could be better….that is what I have thought in the past.  After looking on line at some of the suggested brands of jeans, I am thinking that AnnTaylor Loft is just giving these jeans away.  True Religion?  Ever heard of them?  $329!!!!  HUH?  Yep.  Seven?  Heard of them?  $249!  Shut-up.  I am serious.  Now, I did run across a pair of Seven jeans at Stein-Mart for $34.99, and I bought them a while back….I had no idea what sort of deal this was.  So, I am sort of at this weird place.  I want to try these jeans on to see if they are really worth it.  I mean, if they actually fit me and look good, well, they might be worth spending the money and wearing them for the rest of my life…but could I actually spend that much money on something to wear?  One item to wear?  Will it change my life or just my bank account?  Things that make you go hmmmmmmm……..2406_side_winder_b_thumb