Crazy blog won’t post my pictures in order!😕

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage imageimage    We’ve had a great weekend so far, and it’s only Friday night! I have been doing quite a bit of cleaning out inside the house, and Josh decided to clean out the garage this morning. It is truly amazingly ridiculous how much stuff one family can accumulate. But oh how good it feels to get rid of things you don’t use or need anymore. Josh cut the grass today also. I went for a walk…though I did contribute to the yard work by “babying” our gardenias. Josh had bought some fertilizer to help our little gardenias, and when I opened the bag I about barfed. It smelled like pure manure, which it probably was. It did claim to be organic…but that didn’t help me feel better or breathe any better. I gagged my way through fertilizing 5 little gardenias. Funny how I was lathering my gardenias soil with manure, yet hoping they will put off a beautiful fragrance. It surely won’t be smelling good around them any time soon! Gag. Of course the neighbor had to drive up and work on his jeep for a bit while I was doing this…our houses are really close together, so there’s no telling what he was thinking. He did cough several times; I wanted to explain what the awful smell was, but I just let it go. Anyway, after such a productive day, we decided to take everyone to Stoney River. Oh my! So delicious. The kids had never been to Stoney River. They bathed and dressed decently and even Mack fixed his hair! He talked the whole day and even more on the way to the restaurant. He was so excited! The hamburgers were as big as their heads! Molly got prime rib. She needs some reminders to not eat with her hands!! We went to a new shopping area, and I found some new kitchen knobs to help brighten up the kitchen with some color. I really liked how they looked, but I totally forgot about two knobs above the microwave. Booooo! Guess I’ll be going back tomorrow! This weekend we also hung our bench swing up as part of the kids swing set that they no longer use very much. I’ve already used it and really like where it is! A little stain may be in it’s future! (My blog is seriously acting up, so I’m not sure how all of this will actually show up!)

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