14th Anniversary❤️

Today is the day, 14 years ago, that Josh and I got married. It was a beautiful Saturday in January 2001. I loved everything about our wedding, especially the groom!

I was reflecting on our 14 years and thought about our first months in St. Pete, FL. We lived in a one bedroom apartment and enjoyed the sunny, beautiful weather pretty much everyday for the four months we were there. I remember our one bedroom apartment when we moved back to Georgia. It was near downtown Alpharetta. Then, we moved to another one bedroom apartment….guess we were gluttons for punishment. We’ve lived in Woodstock for about eleven years now, if you don’t count that “wonderful” year we built a house in Alpharetta, lived in it a little over a year and then came back to this house.

Josh has had a few different jobs.

We’ve had three kids….in under three years.

We’ve had the opportunity to travel to some pretty amazing places…ElSalvador, Cancun, Israel, Los Cabos, Indonesia…Josh more so than me…Cuba, Iraq, Iran, India, to name a few.

There’s been change all throughout our fourteen years. I wouldn’t say we’ve lived a boring life together.

Our love has grown, it’s been challenged, it’s been confirmed and it still remains true to one another, but our love has not stayed the same as fourteen years ago, and I’m thankful for that!
Our bodies have changed. Didn’t you read that we have three kids? Well, they didn’t just fall from the sky into our home.
Our hair has changed.
Our home decor has changed.
Our towels finally changed! After fourteen years of use, I got rid of all of those old towels and bought fresh ones! Thank goodness for the change of towels.

But what hasn’t changed is God’s faithfulness in our lives. He has been with us each step of this journey. He has been the constant when life seemed out of control. He’s been the One teaching us how to forgive and how to love. His steadfast love has remained the same, day in and day out, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, when we’ve had money and when we’ve been broke, and anytime in between. I’m thankful to walk through life with Josh by my side….even more grateful that He loves The Lord and wants Him to lead us.

Happy 14th Anniversary, Joshua Lee. You’re the best.



Your lovingkindness, O Lord, extends to the heavens, Your faithfulness reaches to the skies.
Psalm 36:5

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  1. Happy Anniversary. I’ve been waiting over 17 years for my towels to “finally” change 🙂

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