Help, please!

Sometimes I explain a concept until I’m blue in the face; when I don’t think I can take anymore, I call in Ruby. She seems to get through to Mack when I just can’t.

I’m usually impressed with her creativity. Mack, not so much. He just keeps saying, “I don’t get it.”

Ruby stormed off when he said, “How ’bout I say I get it even if I don’t?”


Then, I checked Molly’s math sheet, which ended up being her math sheet from several days ago. She tried to trick me into thinking she did that sheet today when, actually, she hadn’t done any math today.
“Molly,” I calmly said, “do you remember our Bible reading this morning?”
“Ummmm, was it on patience?” she cleverly asked.
“No, it wasn’t on patience, though I’m choosing to exercise some right now. It was about Jacob, THE DECEIVER. You are trying to deceive me, Molly.”
Long silence ensued.
Then, I showed her quite a few more math sheets that she WOULD do.

Then, Ruby comes in to tell me that she is so disappointed about not getting to do something this evening that she was planning on doing and that “it was the only thing keeping me going today.”

Wow. That’s quite the disappointed child.

I’m a little on edge because for some reason I thought it a good idea to paint my dining room table and chairs and consider painting the walls…

Yeah, not the best decision. At all.

I only need an electric sander, glaze, another quart of paint for the chairs, spray Rustoleum, primer, the right color paint for my dining room (which I haven’t found yet), paint tape, rollers……ugh.

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